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Build A Set is a project that has helped me solve my own white card model building frustrations.
I was tired of starting from scratch each time I wanted to work on a set design. The print, cut and paste system solved that problem.
I got the theatre bug working backstage in high school but only really got going in the early 80's working with a variety of community theater groups.
I've worked in all areas but my main focus has been stage management, set design and construction.
Having been back stage, on the stage and up in the booth, I tried to put all of those experiences together. The first Stagecraft poster, Back Stage, started out as a basic idea to help new people understand the terminology and geography of a theater/stage. It got out of hand when I moved to Stage Lighting, I tried to cram as much as I could into the posters. The handbook, Elements of The Stage, broke down the posters into smaller bite size bits to help drama educators.
I've received great feed back already on the posters, book and model system.
I'm just getting started with blogging and putting my work out there, I'm looking forward to seeing where this takes me, and I'm excited to see what designs and directions it takes others.
Please send me a message or photos of your completed designs, with a before and after shots of the final sets if possible.

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